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Here's how these kettlebell workouts will help you:

  • Burn Fat, Gain Energy, Tone Muscle using these super effective proven exercises & workouts. 
  • Save time by using movement based exercises that target over 600 muscles in one go.
  • Avoid Injury by learning the professional way to structure your workout program and perform the exercises.

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after teaching over 1000+ kettlebell classes...

If you are fed up of bouncing from one exercise routine to the next then here is the solution.

Kettlebell Training is very addictive and highly effective.

There is a reason why celebrities and professional athletes are all training with kettlebells.

Kettlebell workouts, if done correctly, will target over 600 muscles in minutes.

"Kettlebell training is fast, fun and you'll get so wrapped up in the new and exciting exercises that you forget how many calories you are burning and muscles you are toning!" 

If you are not getting results from your current exercise program, bored with visiting the gym, or just short on time then Kettlebell Training is the answer.

Here's How I Can Help You:

Video Tutorials

Avoid injury and maximise your results by watching tutorial videos of every exercise.

Progressive Workouts

Keep your results coming in as you progress to different workouts as you improve.

Online Support

You are never alone! Go Questions? I'm always here to help.

I loved the fact that it's so simple yet effective and after a day's work I looked forward to it, just grab the kettlebell and work away!

 - John Howard

6 Step-by-step Tuition Modules:

Module 1:

Getting Started

Begin by understanding the fundamentals of kettlebell training:  

  • Use over 600 muscles per exercise & save time by learning the 6 essential movement patterns
  • Learn the 3 safe & versatile holding positions 
  • Switch on lazy muscles with muscle activation techniques

Module 2: 

Hip Hinge

Master this fundamental movement pattern and the rest will slot into place

  • How to strengthen & protect the lower back
  • Develop power & explosive hips
  • Switch on the largest fat burners in your body

Module 3:

The Swing

Discover the most effective fat burner & full body strengthener: 

  • Learn the 3 Swing Variations 
  • How to elevate your cardio by flowing
  • Improve posture and strengthen your back

Module 4: 

Turkish Get Up

Strengthen your abs & core from the inside out:

  • Learn the common core activation errors
  • How to strengthen injury preventing stabilisers
  • 3 Variations to super-charge your workouts

Module 5:

Lower Body

Shape, Tone & Strengthen the all important Hips, Buttocks and Legs effectively:

  • Why you should squat and easy fixes
  • The ultimate leg & buttock exercise
  • Devoloping lateral movement for those hard to reach areas

Module 6: 

Upper Body

Develop shapely shoulders, a sculpted chest and strong back:

  • Why the shoulders need special attention to avoid injury
  • How to use the full body for super strength
  • Discover a huge fat burning potential that is usually neglected

Also Get these 10 Workout Programs:

21 Day Swing Kettlebell Program

Nothing gets better full body results than the kettlebell swing!

Discover the most effective kettlebell exercise and how to achieve the most important milestones.

Working your Cardio and over 600+ Muscles at a time you will safely progress through all the important kettlebell swing goals in 21 days.

Plus you'll discover the motivational workout concepts of: rep ladders, rest ladders, as well as varying work to rest intervals.

If you want to get the most from your kettlebell training in the shortest amount of time then this is the best place to start!

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

21 Day Kettlebell Swing Program

12 Week Beginners Kettlebell Program

Are you a beginner looking to start your kettlebell journey? If so then this is the program for you.

No fluff, no nonsense, just each workout laid out logically so you can progress from Beginner safely and efficiently!

All good quality kettlebell programs should be based around the Kettlebell Swing and this program does just that. Mastering the swing, along with the other basics, will ensure that you get maximum results for the short amount of time that you put in.

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

12 Week Women's Kettlebell Program

Finally a Kettlebell program that targets those problem areas for Women!

Strengthen and tone your thighs, buttocks, abs and back without adding bulky muscle. Burn fat quickly with these full body workouts that only last 4 minutes.

Divided into 3 x 4 week programs you will learn to master the most effective exercises first along with some very important core & abs conditioning exercises. You then progress onto a more targeted program that will see you lifting and shaping your buttocks and thighs. Finally you really focus in on reducing and defining your midsection.

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

12 Week Bodyweight Cardio Program

Want full body conditioning and fat loss without using equipment? If so then this is the program for you.

Stop torturing yourself with unprofessional workouts and learn how just a 4 minute bodyweight workout at home can make all the difference…

  • 48 Full Body No Equipment Workouts
  • Each Workout Only 4 Minutes
  • 12 Weeks of Progressive Workouts
  • Video Tutorials of all the Exercises

Start building a logical exercise habit that will ensure you get results quickly and safely. No more guess work or random workout plans, here’s your complete workout at home solution.

37 Core/Abs Workouts using no equipment

At last 37 scientific workouts designed to directly condition your core and abs.

Strengthen and tone your abs, obliques, back and inner core. Develop a rock hard midsection that will not only look great but prevent lower back pain too. No spine damaging crunches or situps included.

Each of the 37 Workouts lasts only 4 minutes but gets progressively more challenging. No matter what your level you can either start at the very beginning or jump in at a slightly more challenging workout. Use these workouts either on their own or as part of your main workout program, either way you will be amazed at what these professional core workouts can do for your body.

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

50 Kettlebell Circuits Beginner to Pro

Discover the flow and work over 600 muscles during each 4 minute circuit.

Kettlebells really come into their own when used in a circuit format. Feel your heart rate rise, your muscles fatigue and your excitement soar as you flow from one exercise to the next!

Each workout lasts only 4 minutes. You will be surprised at just how demanding these short workouts can be. Each of the 50 circuits gets progressively more difficult so you can start at the beginning or jump in at a more advanced level.

Excellent for Kettlebell Instructors who need a progressive workout plan for their kettlebell classes!

Also included are 37 online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively.

12 Week Advanced Kettlebell Program

Ready to take your kettlebell training to the next level?

Once you have mastered the basics and built up a solid foundation then it’s time to really challenge yourself with this training plan.

“Using full body circuits that incorporate over 600 muscles at a time you will notice a serious increase in both strength and endurance more quickly than you imagined!”

There are a total of 36 workouts each getting progressively harder as time moves on. Also included are links to all the exercises so you can watch the online tuition videos and understand the important exercise techniques.

12 Week Muscle Building Kettlebell Program

Ready to add some serious muscle using just your kettlebell?

Add muscle and stimulate your muscle growth hormones with the use of this 12 week kettlebell program. Discover kettlebell super-sets that add muscle to your whole body in half the time of conventional workouts.

Divided into 3 x 4 week programs you will learn to master the most effective exercises first to build a muscular foundation. You then progress onto a more targeted program that really overloads your muscles and stimulates even further growth. Finally the exercises get even more challenging as you focus in harder on your midsection.

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

125 Professional Kettlebell Workouts

Would you like to own the complete guide to kettlebell workouts?

Following 11 years of teaching Kettlebells, Greg Brookes has put together his finest Kettlebell Workouts. These workouts are not just theoretical, these are workouts that have been tried and tested with clients on an ongoing basis.

Not only does this eBook outline Greg’s best Kettlebell workouts but it also shows you exactly how the workouts are put together and the formats that are used. Workout formats include: Movement Ladders, Density Workouts, Overloading, Circuits, Timed Reps and even Kettlebell Challenges!

Also included within this eBook are all the basics including: choosing Kettlebells, knowing when to advance onto a heavier Kettlebell, holding positions, shoulder safety and more.

For the personal trainer, kettlebell instructor or just kettlebell enthusiast this eBook will open your eyes to advanced kettlebell training!

12 Week Fat Loss Kettlebell Program

Introducing a Kettlebell Program designed purely for Fat Loss.

Start removing ugly fat quickly by using these full body workouts that skyrockets your metabolism and ensures you burn fat both during and for hours after each workout.

Divided into 12 weeks, each week you will learn new fat burning exercises as well as the most effective workout formats. Ever heard of: Kettlebell Flows, Metabolic Circuits or Tabata TrainingYou will learn these workout formats and more as you progress from week to week, never giving your body a chance to stop burning ugly fat.

Also included are all the online tuition videos of Greg showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively!

Plus, Greg’s All Natural Nutrition Plan that will show you how to safely Lose 7lbs in just 21 days!

Plus 3 x Bonus Tuition Modules:

Bonus 1: 

Joint Mobility

Loosen stiff joints, improve your movement range and prevent niggling injury.

Bonus 2: 

Warm Ups

Learn how to best warm up the body to activate muscles & maximise results.

Bonus 3: 


Use the super-effective method of undulating stretching to loosen those restricted areas.

Greg's been featured in:

Greg in the Media

My muscle endurance has increased. My waistline has decreased. My core strength has increased. The increase in the explosiveness I now have in doing other types of exercise such as my training in martial arts is definitely noticeable.

 - Vince Trujillo

The kettle bells have been a god send for me as I have a knee injury, so running etc is off the menu. The swings did not hurt the injured knee at all.

 - Neil Maclean

I noticed an improvement in cardio and toning in my upper body. Also, I have noticed a strengthening in my core which is a major plus for me as I have a lower back problem.

 - Kieran Lynch

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you follow a program and don't improve the way you look and feel over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Kettlebell Trainer

"All these workout programs have been tried and tested but if for any reason you are not happy then of course I'll issue you with a refund"

- Greg Brookes​

Begin your Life-Changing Kettlebell Journey Today:

(All Workout programs are PDF downloads with online videos. No physical products are sent!)



For those new to kettlebells

  • 6 Tuition Modules (26 videos)
  • 21 Day Swing Program
  • 12 Week Beginners Program
  • 12 Week Women's Program
  • 12 Week Bodyweight Program
  • 37 Core / Abs Workouts
  • Joint Mobility (9 Videos)
  • Warm Ups (6 Videos)
  • Stretching (6 Videos)




A complete package for those more experienced

The Beginners Package Plus...

  • 50 Kettlebell Circuits
  • 12 Week Muscle Program
  • 12 Week Fat Loss Program
  • 12 Week Advanced Program
  • 125 Kettlebell Workouts for Instructors
  • Lose 7lbs in 21 Day Nutrition Plan 
  • 84 Workouts of the Day (BONUS)
  • 21 Kettlebell Finishers (BONUS)
  • Plus everything in the Beginners Package


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