Greg's Weekly Workout – Full Body Circuit

Welcome to Greg’s Weekly Workout. Each week I’ll be sharing some of my favourite workouts for you to try.

Today’s workout focuses on using as many muscles and movement patterns as possible in a Circuit Format. You could use this workout for both building up general fitness or putting on some muscle.

If you are looking to add muscle then keep the reps slow and aim for 8 – 12 reps, and rest 1 – 2 minutes between exercises. For a more general conditioning workout increase the reps and reduce the rest to under 1 minute.

You can perform this workout with a set of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or even a Barbell.

The Warm Up

Run through the following warm up 2 times. If you find this warm up too difficult then the warm up is your workout and you should not proceed on to the workout.

All exercises are performed with bodyweight only!


The Workout

Continue to complete the following exercises in order, for general conditioning keep the rests between exercises to a minimum. For hypertrophy or muscle building you can rest for up to 2 minutes between exercises.

(Click to watch videos of each exercise)

The Numbers

Start by getting used to the exercises and keep the weights light. If ever you cannot complete an exercise with good technique you should stop and rest and then move onto the next one.

For General Conditioning

Perform 20 Squats, 12 Rows, 8 Deadlifts, as many Push Ups as Possible. Keep rest periods to a minimum.

For Muscle Building

Perform 12 Squats, 8 Rows, 5 Deadlifts, as many Push Ups as Possible. When ready increase the weight. Using a barbell or heavy dumbbells are a good choice.

How Often?

As with all training your recovery will be dependent on your lifestyle, nutrition and occupation. As a guide I would recommend at least 1 days rest between this workout and the next.

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