7 Ways to Discover if your London Personal Trainer is a Bonehead

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Although this post has a provocative title I’m genuinely concerned about the quality of Personal Trainers in London at present.

Bonehead London Personal Trainer

Image by Tim Caynes

Personal Training qualifications are getting easier and easier to come by, some in just a matter of weeks.

If you are looking for a personal trainer or have one at present then please watch out for these 7 Bonehead Signs:

# 1 – Boneheads Don’t Assess They Guess

If your personal trainer does not assess your current health and fitness starting point before beginning with your training then they are a bonehead.

There is more to assessments that just taking your vital statistics. A good personal trainer should assess your movement patterns, assess your joint structure and posture, assess your flexibility, assess your medical history including previous injuries, assess your hormonal balance, assess your stress levels, assess your nutrition and assess your current lifestyle patterns.

Without assessing a starting point everything else is just pure guess work. Your personal training session should be designed for you and no one else.

# 2 – Boneheads Don’t Pay Attention

The amount of times I see personal trainers on the phone while training clients is amazing. What a bonehead!

If you are handing over your hard earned money to a trainer then they should be switched on to you 100%. Every move you make should be closely scrutinised. Small adjustments should be made to your technique especially as you start to tire.

Phones should be turned off and all eyes should be on you for your entire workout.

# 3 – Boneheads Try to Sell You Supplements

I’m not a great believer in supplements at the best of times but it’s frustrating to hear of people being sold extra herbs, pills or protein supplements to boost their income.

The truth is nothing is going to have more of an impact on your health than a good clean nutrition plan. Cleaning up your diet should be the main concern of all trainers no matter what your goals are. Supplements are called supplements because they supplement a good diet they do not replace it. If your trainer tries to tell you otherwise then they are a bonehead.

# 4 – Boneheads Are Not Results Driven

Your trainer should be focused on getting you results rather than just being your friend. I once heard the term “Rent-a-Friend’ used to describe personal trainers and I love that phrase.

Lets face it, personal trainers are there to do a job. They should be getting you results in the quickest and safest way possible. There is nothing wrong with being friendly and having fun but ultimately there are goals that need to be achieved.

Your trainer should be focused on getting you results. In fact most great personal trainers will offer you a money back guarantee should you not get results. For example we offer “Lose 7lbs in 30 days or your money back!”

# 5 – Boneheads Look Worse Than You Do

With some personal trainers it’s hard to determine which one is the client and which is the trainer. I’m not kidding here, there are overweight nutritionists giving diet advice and overweight personal trainers telling you how to get in shape.

Your personal trainer should practice what they preach. They should know exactly how every workout feels and how every nutrition plan tastes.

If your trainer looks more unhealthy than you then its time to find a new one!

# 6 – Boneheads Enjoy Seeing You Hurt

If you find you are walking around like John Wayne for days after your sessions or have a trainer that barks at you like a drill sergeant then you may want to reconsider your options.

Yes it’s normal to feel a little sore after the first few workouts but your trainer should not be beasting you every workout. That’s not smart scientific personal training that’s just senseless exercise.

Your personal trainer should understand your limitations based on your initial assessments and should be prescribing a scientific course of action that progresses gradually.

# 7 – Boneheads Have No Structured Plan

All your workouts should have a structured plan and shouldn’t just be a mixed bag of your trainers favourite exercises.

Following your initial assessments and goal aspirations your trainer should make a plan. The plan should be simple, beginning with your starting point and finishing with your chosen goal. Your workouts should be progressive and designed specifically for you.

Boneheads tend to train everyone the same way by just using their own favourite workouts and exercises. Don’t fall for this, make sure that you have a personalised plan to reach your goals. If you are unsure then ask your trainer for your training plan and see what they say :-)


There are many great trainers in London, please make sure you don’t fall for one who is a complete bonehead, you deserve better!


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  1. says

    Thanks for highlighting this point Greg.

    I recently went on a course called extreme circuits. It was free for me and helped keep my rep accreditation points so i took the time out for it.

    There were around 30 trainers there and i was shocked! We were being taught insane exercises such as one legged transverse snatches with the power bag at a very high intensity. My problem was 90% of the trainers couldn’t even do a standard snatch with a kettlebell correctly or had an idea of why or who should use it. The day was a sport of who could lift the most and train the hardest. The young trainers were drinking sugary energy drinks to fuel the intense work. It was functional fitness gone made.

    These freshly hyped up inexperienced trainers are then sent out into the world to torture there paying customers.

    I guess every industry has its cowboys. It just really concerns me that clients who use a cowboy trainer except this as industry standard and are put off.

    • says

      Yes I totally understand Stuart. The fact is most people just need a bit of TLC and coaching through fundamental movements.

      Courses that teach advanced training like the exercises you have just mentioned have no connection with the reality of personal training and the difficulties that most sedentary individuals have with movement.

      Everybody just needs to slow down and think for a minute.

      Thanks for sharing your experience buddy

  2. Andrea says

    I totally agree with this article. I have seen and worked with bonehead trainers in the past and it drives me nuts. I have a friend who received free sessions at a training only studio and was shocked at what they had her do. Completely uncalled for activities and she has a bad back. She said she told him multiple times she couldn’t finish what he was asking her to do. He than would yell at her to finish and laugh when she couldn’t. Bonehead trainers are what gives our industry a bad wrap.

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