Welcome to GB Personal Training

Hello, I’m Greg Brookes, one of the UK’s top personal trainers and I’m here to share with you how to live a happier and healthier life.

Try for a minute to forget the image of some pumped up drill Sargent barking orders at you and think more of an educated and well researched approach to health and fitness. That’s what I offer.

Unlike most personal trainers my approach involves bridging the gap between disciples like physiotherapy, osteopathy and exercise, and movement coaching.

I can make you thin, rehabilitate your injuries and improve your mental and physical health.

Here’s what James one of my recent clients had to say after years of struggling with lower back issues that finally resulted in surgery:

I had some setbacks in rehabilitation after back surgery in May 2012 and started working with Greg in July. Within 4-6 weeks, through the introduction of a specific and bespoke programme to build my back and core strength, I no longer needed the strong prescription (or any) painkillers that I had previously been relying on for many months.

In addition Greg’s advice around 3rd party factors such as diet and weight and their effect on my long term back rehabilitation was invaluable and I very quickly found myself 5 kilos lighter!

Along with a deep understanding of movement skills I also believe that true health cannot be achieved without encompassing other holistic factors that are often neglected.

  • A deep understanding of nutrition and not what the media sells you but an educated approach based upon what your body really needs and can assimilate
  • Addressing stress levels that have a much larger impact on your hormonal system than you may think. Yes stress does and will make you fat, sick and tired.
  • Learning to live and move in line with nature. Going against our natural tendencies will certainly have a deeper impact than you may ever believe.

My main emphasis nowadays is to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible. I achieve this through my various apps on iTunes, through my blog, very popular newsletter and also through my writings in all the major health and fitness magazines and national press.

If you would like to work with me on a one on one basis then I would be pleased to help. I can guarantee you results and offer you solutions where many others have failed.

My prices start at £125 per session

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